Yellowfin Angelfish

Greek Name: Centropyge flavipectoralis



The Yellowfin Angelfish is also known as the Moonbeam Angelfish. This Yellowfin Angelfish sports showy yellow pectoral fins that stand out against its dark brown body with metallic navy blue vertical bars. Like its name suggests the yellow pectoral fins look like moonlights reflected in the dark, dark sky. The striking coloration is amplified when it is observed as the Yellowfin Angelfish swims.

A 70-gallon tank with plenty of hiding areas and live rock to graze will create a pleasant habitat. It is recommended that the Yellowfin Angelfish should not be kept in a tank with other smaller Angelfish or fish that look similar to it. It is recommended to be cautious when you are introducing a Yellowfin Angelfish to a reef aquarium as it has a tendency to nibble at stony and soft corals (sessile invertebrates). The Yellowfin Angelfish is hermaphroditic, extremely difficult to reproduce in an aquarium, and has no discernible differences in color between females and males.

Diet of Yellowfin Angelfish should include Spirulina and marine algae, premium angelfish dishes, mysis or frozen shrimp, as well as other fleshy foods.

Genral Purchase Size: Small: 1″ to 2″; Medium: 2″ to 3″; Large: 3″ to 4″

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Care Level




Color Form

Black, Blue, Brown, Yellow



Reef Compatible

With Caution

Water Conditions

sg 1.020-1.025, 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4

Max Size






Minimum Tank

70 gallons


Yellowfin Angelfish Environment

The Yellowfin Angelfish Inhabits coral rubble that is found on the outer reef slopes as well as at the bases of drop-offs ranging from 10 and 70 feet (3 between 20 and 20 meters). The primary food source is algae, worms, and crustaceans.


Yellowfin Angelfish Diet

The diet should contain Spirulina, marine algae, top-quality angelfish-based preparations that include sponge matter, brine fortified with shrimp, mysis, as well as other meaty products. Two feedings per day are highly recommended as unfed species are more likely to annoy stony and soft corals and other invertebrates.

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