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Whether you’re setting up your first or your fifth aquarium, Lifegard is here to help. Our Lifegard tanks and supplies are designed for aquarists of all levels.

Set up your underwater masterpiece with a Lifegard Crystal rimless glass aquarium. And keep your underwater world healthy using Lifegard Aquatics strips for testing your water’s hardness, alkalinity, and more. Our Lifegard products are guaranteed to provide your saltwater tank with the life support it needs long term.

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In addition to providing top-tier products from Lifegard, we provide several other crucial items for an eye-catching saltwater tank.

Treat your aquarium viewers to the beauty of our Pink Skunk Clownfish, Striped Blenny, and other saltwater fish. And be sure to order the algae control solution and other supplies you need to keep your tank in top condition. Shop now!

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At Fish and Coral Store, we’re one of the few West Coast aquarium stores. We pride ourselves on our years of experience in the aquarium industry. And we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge with fellow aquarists. You can count on our expertise to answer your questions and get guidance on fish care and aquarium maintenance. Learn how to breathe life into your current or future aquarium by contacting us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Lifegard Aquatics Crystal tank line?

Lifegard Crystal aquariums are fabricated from extremely clear glass. They are also assembled using invisible glue joints. These cutting-edge tanks give you a completely clear view of your aquascape.

What are must-have systems for a saltwater aquarium?

Critical Lifegard systems to have on hand include Lifegard ultraviolet sterilizers, which disinfect water. You’ll also want to choose one of Lifegard biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration units to keep your water free of particles.

Why use full-spectrum LED lights from Lifegard?

Lifegard’s LED lights are designed to enhance coral colors in saltwater tanks. They are also proven to elevate the beauty of saltwater fish while also improving plant growth.

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