22 Gallon CRYSTAL Long Bookshelf Aquarium 45°



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22 Gallon CRYSTAL Long Bookshelf Aquarium 45° Beveled Edge Low Iron Ultra Clear Glass 8mm - (35.82" x 11.81 x 11.81)    
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The 22 Gallon CRYSTAL Long Bookshelf Aquarium is a clear glass or acrylic aquarium designed for use as a bookshelf or display tank. It features a rectangular shape and has a capacity of 22 gallons. The 45° angle design of the tank allows for a unique and attractive display of the aquatic life and decor. This aquarium is equipped with a filtration system and lighting system to support the health and well-being of the aquatic life. The clear material of the tank allows for maximum visibility and creates a stunning display that can enhance any living or office space. The 22 Gallon CRYSTAL Long Bookshelf Aquarium is a functional and stylish addition to any aquarium setup. LIFEGARD® 22 Gallon Crystal Bookshelf Aquarium  Series - Low Iron Ultra Clear Beveled Edge Glass In pursuit of perfection, Lifegard Aquatics is proud to introduce the Crystal tank line. It is the latest technology in Ultra Clear 45° edge Tanks with invisible glue joint. Crystal tanks are rimless and made of ultra-low iron glass which allows the viewer an undisturbed viewing of their underwater masterpiece. The extraordinary craftsmanship combined with the 45° ultrahigh precision cut edge bonded with high quality Clear Silicone glue makes it an exceptionally clear aquarium with none to match in the market. With Crystal aquariums you will enjoy the natural and true colors of your fish and aquascape. Lifegard Aquatics offers Crystal tanks in three models and several sizes nested one inside the other for ease of shipping and storage.    
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