You likely just reserved a new fish — congrats!

So, what happens next? Your selected payment method will be charged the deposit amount as soon as you confirm the order in your cart. Then we get to work processing and preparing your order. Once your order has been fulfilled and is ready to ship the remaining balance will be automatically charged to the same payment method that was provided for the deposit. Shipping costs will be applied with the remaining balance amount and automatically charged.

Reservation Payments

  • 1st payment includes 35% deposit fee of the total fish cost
  • 2nd payment includes remaining balance of total fish cost plus shipping fees

Refund Policy

  • Most orders will be fulfilled within 14 – 30 days, however, if we cannot fulfill your order within 90-days you will be contacted directly with the option for a 100% refund
  • No refunds available if you cancel after 24 hours of placing the order