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When you shop with Fish and Coral Store, you enjoy access to a wide selection of everyday aquarium needs — including covers, dividers, and other accessories. Customize your tank with our selection of products. We offer barely-there, minimalist options in clear plastic or woven netting from trusted brands like Red Sea Aquariums. All the materials in our fish tank dividers and covers are safe for aquatic life! Shop from a reliable source to get high-quality products at Fish and Coral Store.

Why Dividers?

You can use fish tank dividers to separate the inside of your tank into several sections. Most dividers are designed to fit specific tank heights, so double-check if they work for your dimensions. You can use dividers for many reasons, including:

  • Isolating sick and injured fish
  • Separating breeding pairs
  • Introducing new fish
  • Sequestering aggressive fish

We’re Here for You

Aquarium setup is an incredibly personal experience, but we’re here to help with anything you might need. Whether you have questions about fish tank covers and dividers or the right tank size for your fish, we have answers. 

Our team of enthusiastic aquarium hobbyists is passionate and knowledgeable. Reach out to our experts for personalized guidance and support.

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MAX Nano Peninsula Complete System - excl. cabinet