DIY Aquarium Net Cover Spline Roller



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The DIY Aquarium Net Cover Spline Roller is a tool that makes it easier to install replacement spline onto your aquarium net cover frame. The roller has a smooth surface that helps to evenly distribute pressure and prevent the spline from becoming misshapen during installation. This tool is compatible with most types of replacement spline and is a must-have for anyone who frequently replaces or modifies their aquarium net cover.
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Aquarium Net Cover Spline Roller

The DIY Aquarium Cover Spline Roller is a tool designed to help you install the replacement spline on your aquarium net cover. This tool has a comfortable grip and a durable metal wheel that can efficiently and smoothly press the spline into the netting. It is an essential accessory for those who want to customize or repair their aquarium net covers. With this spline roller, you can easily replace old or damaged spline, ensuring a tight and secure fit that will keep your fish safe and prevent them from jumping out of the aquarium. The DIY Aquarium Net Cover Spline Roller is easy to use and will make your net cover installation process faster and more efficient.

Keep your finny friends safe inside your tank with a customizable Red Sea Aquarium Cover.

With a sleek profile and minimalist hangers the Red Sea Net Cover blends in seamlessly even on ultra-clear, rimless, open-top aquariums. The extra strong aluminum frame and purpose-designed components allow the extra thin transparent net cover to be customized to accommodate rim-mounted equipment such as lighting arms, auto-feeders, and overflow boxes. Designed specifically for rimless tanks the Red Sea cover also works well with braced tanks such as the MAX® S-series.
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