Industry-Leading Aquarium Manufacturers

These aquarium companies have been in business for decades, perfecting the craft of aquarium design. Combine their years of manufacturing experience with our team’s fish care expertise, and you can’t go wrong. When purchasing supplies for your aquarium, you want to be sure you’re getting quality tools and tanks that will last you well beyond the life of the fish you stock in your tank. We help you get them.

Filters, Fish Tanks, and Beyond

Fish and Coral Store is your one-stop for everything you need to get started as a saltwater aquarium enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for a basic beginner’s tank setup or an advanced oversized aquarium loaded with automated features, you’re in good hands when you work with our team of marine life experts.

Guiding You in Fish Care

We don’t just love setting up an aquarium. We love caring for and nurturing fish as well — and every fish comes with their own unique needs. That’s why we offer both supplies and education to our customers, so that every aquarist, regardless of skill level, can raise their fish. Reach out to us so we can help you with your reef today!

Helpful Questions From Clients
Helpful Questions From Clients
Who is the best aquarium manufacturer?

Red Sea makes some of the most premium aquariums on the market, featuring all-in-one aquarium kits with built-in filters, pumps, and sensors, proprietary ultra-clear glass in a rimless design, and an iconic modern design.

What marine life do you have at Fish and Coral Store?

Like our name implies, Fish and Coral Store offers both sustainably-sourced captive-bred and wild-caught saltwater fish.

How do I choose an aquarium manufacturer?

The aquarium companies you go for depends on your budget. Aquariums come in a wide range of prices, so if you have a lower budget, sticking with a basic aquarium from a brand like CRYSTAL is best. However, if you have the budget for something fancier that integrates all the equipment you need to maintain a saltwater tank, Red Sea and Waterbox are the perfect options.