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At Fish and Coral Store, we strive to provide you access to a variety of options. In our aquarium driftwood collection, you’ll find several types of wood, including Malaysian Driftwood and Spider Wood. Each kind of aquascaping wood has its own distinctive shape, color, and style. Whether it’s abstract and organic or unique and wild, we have it all! Choose your wood type and then select whether you prefer small, medium, large, or extra large. Measurements and specifications are available on each product page.

Tank Ready Aquarium Driftwood

Getting wood designed specifically for aquascaping is an important part of tank safety. All the wood in our collection is cleaned and prepped for submersion to prevent the introduction of harmful bacteria and parasites. We always recommend shopping for aquascaping wood and rocks with a trusted aquarium provider to maximize tank safety!

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At Fish and Coral Store, your satisfaction is important to us. When you shop with us, you get more than just access to over 1,500 products! You also get friendly, passionate, and knowledgeable customer support. So, choose to shop with fellow fish and aquarium enthusiasts when you shop with us! Feel free to reach out for help at any time by phone at 562-955-3474.

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