Aquarium Sea Salt is Important in Any Aquarium

Other than water, salt is the most basic thing that saltwater fish need to survive. Specifically, they need marine salt — salt that includes all the minerals and elements you’d find in the ocean. Don’t mix this up with “aquarium salt” — that’s sodium chloride, the same stuff you’d find in your table salt shaker. Aquarium salt is intended for treating sick and injured fish in a freshwater tank. Saltwater fish need those extra minerals that come with marine salt.

Not all fish require the same amount of salt in their water, however. Do your research into how much aquarium sea salt the fish you want to keep need. Too much salt is toxic to your fish; too little is deprivation.

There are three major salinity ranges for aquariums. While sea salt for fish tanks can be measured in parts per thousand (ppt) or through conductivity measured in milliSiemens per centimeter (mS/cm), we’ll describe these ranges in their specific gravity:

  • Reef Aquariums: 1.023-1.026. These aquariums include coral and plants in addition to fish.
  • Fish-Only Saltwater Aquariums: 1.017 – 1.023. With only fish, they don’t need as high of a salinity.
  • Brackish Water Tanks: 1.007 – 1.013. Brackish water is an interesting in-between of freshwater and saltwater. This unique environment requires much lower salinity than other saltwater tanks.

There is also a hyposalinity state you can keep your aquarium in if there is a parasite in the tank. This is around 1.009 to 1.011. This kills off the parasite, but remember that this should be a very temporary level to keep your tank at. Fish should be kept at their native habitat’s salinity levels as consistently as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can aquarium sea salt be used in both fresh and saltwater aquariums?

The sea salt used in a freshwater aquarium is slightly different from that used in saltwater aquariums. “Aquarium salt” isn’t actually sea salt — it’s just pure salt, the same salt in table salt. You would use “marine” salt in a saltwater aquarium, which contains all the minerals and elements saltwater fish need to survive.

How much sea salt is appropriate for a fish tank?

The amount of sea salt in a tank will depend on the specific needs of the aquatic life in the tank. Reef tanks require the highest salinity at around 1.023 – 1.026. Brackish tanks require the lowest at around 1.007 – 1.013. Our team will guide you on how to use the salt for the best results.

Is sea salt easy to use in an aquarium?

Yes, our aquarium sea salt comes pre-measured bags which make it easier for aquarium owners to add the correct amounts to the tank. If you run into any difficulties, we’re always one phone call away.

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