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With years of experience in fish and aquarium maintenance, our passionate team at Fish and Coral Store is dedicated to helping you set up your dream aquarium. Our understanding and passion for aquatic life ensure that the saltwater aquarium supplies we offer, including fish tank plumbing, are tailored to create the perfect habitat for your fish. Ready to dive into the world of aquariums with confidence? Call us today to begin your journey, or order now.

Get Your Essential Aquarium Plumbing Components 

Fish tank plumbing encompasses a variety of vital parts, each playing a crucial role in maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. Central to this system are strainers and bulkhead assemblies. Strainers are key in filtering out debris and preventing fish from entering the plumbing system, thus ensuring a clean and safe habitat for aquatic life. On the other hand, bulkhead assemblies are crucial for creating secure connections between the aquarium and the plumbing pipes, ensuring a watertight and reliable setup.

Properly Set Up Your Tank

The correct installation and setup of these and other components like jets and vinyl tubing are paramount. A well-assembled plumbing system facilitates efficient water circulation, which is critical for distributing oxygen and removing waste. It also enhances the effectiveness of filtration systems, maintaining the balance necessary for aquatic life to thrive. At Fish and Coral Store, we provide all the aquarium plumbing parts you need to ensure proper setup for your fish tank.

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MAX Nano Peninsula Complete System - excl. cabinet