Shipping Policy

Shipping and Handling


Does your company require signatures before the packages arrive?

Sometimes, we will send orders that require signatures to guard against theft. You can guess that it’s the larger and more expensive items which are more likely to have a Signature Required. There is no set amount that must be signed however it’s not often to require a signature on packages worth less than $200.

Most packages that require a signature include FedEx shipping that requires an indirect signature. In the event of an Indirect Signature, anyone in the household can sign for the package. If the package is unable to be delivered to the address of the recipient, the driver must leave a tag on the door. You can choose to accept the door tag, and get the package delivered on the next day (even when no one is at home) You can also take the package to the nearest FedEx facility. You will need to present a photo identification.

We do not wish to upset anyone by asking for the signature of a person, and we do not want to obtain signatures since they cost money. However, since packages can be stolen, it’s essential to obtain signatures when needed in certain situations.

Also, keep in mind that drivers may need a signature for motives specific to them. If there has been a number of packages stolen from your area, the driver may need a signature. We do not have any control over this.


Shipping Damages

Sometimes, the product is damaged in the shipping process. We will repair damaged products when you comply with the following procedure:

Examine all your parcels carefully after the receipt. It is our responsibility to inform about any defects within one week from the date you received the item.

If the product is damaged and the shipping materials are damaged, keep them (including the outer and internal packing boxes). Repackage the damaged item inside the shipping box using the original packing materials as we can file an UPS/FedEx claim for damage. If a product has been damaged, we reserve the right to submit an insurance claim for damages with UPS/FedEx. UPS/FedEx can inspect damaged items and require that the buyer keep packaging. In many instances UPS/FedEx will not cover an amount if the shipping box is damaged. And if you discard this crucial proof, we will not be able to submit a claim to UPS/FedEx and we will not replace the damaged item.

Call us at 562-955-3474 or contact us here regarding the damage and we will put in a claim with UPS/FedEx. If we require that the product that has been damaged returned, either UPS/FedEx will take the damaged product then return the item to us, or we will mail you a Return Label from UPS/FedEx (a pre-addressed, prepaid shipping label). In most cases, we’ll provide replacement products prior to the time the damaged item has been sent back to

What will you do to deliver my order? When will it be delivered?

Here is the Information that applies to normal times:

The majority of orders are shipped using FedEx as well as most orders are shipped via FedEx and USPS (United States Postal Service). A handful of products, like big iteams are delivered via trucking firms like Yellow Freight and R&L Carriers.

On business days (from Monday to Friday and not on holidays) In the event that we have the product in stock, orders will be delivered in one day. We generally deliver orders received prior to 2 pm (Pacific time) within the same day that we receive the order (M-F). Orders placed on weekends are usually delivered on Mondays, if delivered FedEx However, smaller orders that are placed prior to 2 pm on a Saturdays are delivered via the USPS the following Saturday. In general, we try our best to send your order as fast as we can.

Larger Items Are Shipped FedEx

Larger items are delivered FedEx. They typically are bigger than a large shoe box or larger than the 36-inch limit. It includes, bigger bulbs and lights chillers, the majority of protein skimmers filtering canisters and bigger UVs. These can take 2-5 business days

Smaller Items Are Shipped USPS

Smaller packages are sent through The United States Postal Service. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the times for USPS delivery times due to it being extremely unpredictable and complex. In general, USPS packages are delivered faster than FedEx.

We deliver USPS first class packages, Parcel Post and Priority. To the East Sometimes, these packages arrive within just one to two days however, sometimes they arrive within three or four business days.


General Shipping Times

General shipping can take 3 days – 2 weeks depending on where the order is shipped to.


Expedited Orders

Express orders are delivered via FedEx.


Expedited Orders Timelines:

FedEx Priority Overnight takes one business day. Deliveries will take place at 10:30 am, however there are regions where the package will not be delivered until 5:00 pm.

FedEx Standard Overnight is a business day. Deliveries will be made to the majority of regions by 3:00 PM However, there are some remote areas that won’t be delivered until 5:00 pm.

FedEx 2 Day takes two business days. Deliveries will be made to businesses at 4:30 pm and at residences by 7:00 pm.

FedEx Express Saver takes three days for delivery and can be sent to businesses at 4:30 pm and to the residence by 7:00 PM.

Be aware that working daytime hours (for expedited deliveries) run from Monday until Friday. and are not holidays. For example, an order that is placed on a Wednesday before 2PM with FedEx Express Saver may not be delivered on Monday (or later if one of the Mondays and Fridays are holiday days). Many people are upset and are curious about what caused their 3-Day order to be delayed by six days. Be aware that every company has a cutoff for shipping. The cutoff time for us is 2 PM. If you place your order on Wednesday before 2 pm your order will be shipped on Thursday. 3 business days after, it will be Tuesday. Business day one falls on a Friday and business day two is Monday, and the third day of business is Tuesday.

While FedEx offers an option for delivery on Saturdays as well as Saturday pickup, for a variety of reasons we do not utilize these services.



We will let USPS, FedEx or email you a tracking code in the evening of the day the order goes out. FedEx tracking number can be checked at USPS orders can be tracked at It is also possible to enter a tracking number into Google.


International Shipping can be shipped only in the United States.


What is the cost for my shipping and handling?

Orders less than $49 to destinations within the 48 states are $5.00 for shipping. Orders of more than $49 to the 48 states that are contiguous to each other are delivered free of charge. There aren’t any items excluded from this free shipping offer. The options include FedEx Ground, FedEx Home, UPS Ground, USPS Priority Mail or, for very small objects, USPS First Class

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