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Do you envision setting up a sleek and dependable reef-keeping aquarium? Our cutting-edge Max S from Red Sea will remove the guesswork to bring your vision to life. Our other Red Sea products, like our salt and refractometer for measuring salinity, are other essentials.

We’re proud to be your leading Platinum Red Sea dealer on the West Coast. We offer a range of tank and supply offerings to fit your unique needs. Browse through our selection and create your own breathtaking contained seascape!

Other Must-Have Products

Along with offering Red Sea fish tanks and equipment, we offer a variety of other key items for every avid aquarist.

Take advantage of our large variety of saltwater fish. Add our radiant coral to make your aquarium even more physically alluring. And don’t forget to add aquarium filters, a water analyzer, and a glass-cleaning care magnet to your arsenal, too. Order now!

Your Top Aquarium Partner

Fish and Coral Store got its start in 2022 by two friends with a passion for fish and saltwater aquarium building. Most aquarium stores today are on the East Coast. But we decided to do something different. We launched ours in Los Angeles, right next to LAX — the aquarium hub of the nation.

Need help with setting up the perfect aquarium for your space. Contact us today!

Helpful Questions From Clients
Frequently Asked Questions
What are Red Sea reef tanks?

Red Sea aquariums are some of the highest quality tanks you can get. They set the standard for premium saltwater systems, and come in a variety of sizes to fit every space and need.

How large is a Red Sea Max S 400 tank?

This aquarium holds 110 gallons of water.

Why choose Red Sea tanks and supplies?

This brand has equipped many aquarists to create and maintain the most beautiful saltwater environments right at home. This brand’s saltwater aquarium know-how and tools are unmatched.

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MAX Nano Peninsula Complete System - excl. cabinet