Our Variety

At Fish and Coral Store, we strive to deliver reliable brand-name products for a variety of aquarium setups. Our submersible aquarium heaters range in wattage and features to provide you with a high level of customizability. As you explore your options, you’ll see submersible fish tank heaters that can manage small, medium, and large tank sizes and keep the temperature consistent — which is critical to keep your tank happy and healthy.

Do You Need A Heater?

If you’re housing living creatures that need stable temperatures, you may need a submersible aquarium heater to monitor and control your tank environment. Couple your submersible fish tank heater with a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature at all times!

Your Number One Choice

Fish and Coral Store is the perfect place to shop for heaters, chillers, and other aquarium essentials. Find fish food, water testing kits, cleaning supplies, and more. 

Shop here for access to all your favorite brand names and amazing customer service from passionate aquarium enthusiasts. Have questions?

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MAX Nano Peninsula Complete System - excl. cabinet