Waterbox Aquariums: Not Your Average Tanks

Ready for an aquarium that stands out from the rest? Our black and white Waterbox aquariums for sale are made with ultra-clear glass for unmatched visual excitement, clarity, and color fidelity. But that’s not the only thing that makes these aquariums shine bright in the industry. 

Waterbox is one of few manufacturers to use a water-etched overflow system on their glass. This means you can easily keep your aquarium 100% algae free. With Waterbox, you’ll also receive a thoroughly tested tank — one guaranteed to be leak free. Always.

Above-Average Online Store

Our Waterbox fish tanks aren’t our only claim to fame at Fish and Coral Store. We also offer a slew of saltwater fish and coral. In addition, we offer a large selection of supplies to make caring for your saltwater swimmers easier than ever. These range from fish food to magnet cleaners and everything in between. Restock and upgrade your setup with us today!

Extraordinary Customer Service

At Fish and Coral Store, we’re not some corporation just selling an aquarium pump off a shelf. We’re aquarium enthusiasts helping fellow aquarium enthusiasts. We actually want to work with you to earn your business. And we’re excited to have you as part of our aquarium-loving family. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced aquarium owner, we’re here to make the process easier than ever.

Helpful Questions From Clients
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the filter socks that come with Waterbox Aquariums’ tanks?

Our Waterbox tanks’ filter stocks are designed to filter out particles and debris with a silencer to create a quiet system.

Why do aquarists like the Waterbox brand?

Waterbox makes fully featured and beautiful aquariums not out of necessity but because they love the industry. The brand has earned a reputation for helping many aquascape lovers maintain thriving saltwater aquariums.

What makes the Waterbox tanks so popular?

Waterbox’s units are known for their glass’s thickness as well as their transparency. They are ideal for getting good close-up looks at fish as they swim by.

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