Red Sea Aquarium Salt Mix 200 Gallon Sack



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The RCP Dosing Cap tube x2 is a set of two tubes that are designed to fit onto the Reef Crest Plunger (RCP) dosing pump for accurate and precise dosing of aquarium additives. These tubes are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. With their simple design, they are easy to install and use. They are compatible with most dosing pumps on the market and are a great addition to any reef tank setup.
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Red Sea Aquarium Salt Mix 200 Gallon Sack (Store use)

The Red Sea Salt 200 Gal. - Bag (Store use) is a premium-quality salt mix specifically designed for use in marine and reef aquariums. This large bag size is intended for store use, providing aquarium professionals and retailers with a convenient and cost-effective solution for preparing saltwater for their customers' tanks. Each bag contains a generous quantity of salt mix, allowing for the preparation of up to 200 gallons of high-quality saltwater. The Red Sea Salt is meticulously formulated to provide the essential macro and trace elements necessary for the growth and well-being of marine organisms, ensuring a healthy and thriving marine environment. The Red Sea Salt-200 Gal. - Bag is carefully crafted to maintain stable and natural seawater parameters. It helps to establish a balanced pH level and provides the optimal alkalinity and calcium levels required for the growth of corals and other reef-building organisms. This promotes the establishment of a stable and sustainable ecosystem for your customers' marine aquariums. What sets the Red Sea Salt apart is its superior quality and formulation. It is made from pharmaceutical-grade salts and undergoes stringent quality control processes to ensure its purity and consistency. This guarantees that every bag of salt mix meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. The salt dissolves quickly and efficiently, minimizing waiting time and allowing for convenient and efficient water changes or initial tank setups. It is free of contaminants, ensuring clean and stable water composition, which is crucial for the overall health and vitality of marine life. For aquarium professionals and retailers, the Red Sea Salt-200 Gal. - Bag offers a reliable and practical solution for maintaining optimal water chemistry in marine aquariums. Its large bag size is ideal for store use, providing convenience and efficiency when preparing saltwater for customers' tanks. Choose the Red Sea Salt-200 Gal. - Bag (Store use) for exceptional saltwater quality and the satisfaction of your customers. With its premium formulation, outstanding quality, and ease of use, it is a trusted choice among aquarium professionals and retailers who prioritize the well-being of marine ecosystems.
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