Aquarium Dividers (set of 2)



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Aquarium Dividers (set of 2) for item R460043-11 gal Bookshelf Aquarium  
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Aquarium dividers are a set of two devices used to separate the interior of an aquarium into multiple sections. The dividers are designed to fit the 11-gallon bookshelf aquarium (item R460043), and they help create separate living spaces for different types of fish or aquatic life. The dividers can also be used to isolate injured or sick fish, or to separate breeding pairs. They are made of a durable material that is safe for aquatic life and can be easily adjusted to fit the size of the tank. LIFEGARD® Aquatics Acrylic Dividers are used to: Separate Aggressive Fish Make a multiple Betta Display Setup a Breeding Tank and much more These Acrylic Divider Plate for 11 Gallon Bookshelf Lifegard CRYSTAL Aquarium R460043 (Set of 2). Made with Flow through technology. Ultra Clear strong Acrylic Sheet lase cut for precision. Durable rubber boots NOTE: Also available for the 6 Gallon Bookshelf Aquarium - Buy: R460046  
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