What to Look for Aquarium Filters for Sale

Using filters that work with your saltwater aquarium’s filtration system is crucial. Bacteria and algae thrive when you don’t have proper filtration in place. There are three types of filtration:

  • Mechanical/Physical: This removes debris from the tank by running the tank water through a felt sock or pad.
  • Chemical: This lowers levels of chemicals like phosphates and nitrites that can grow toxic at high levels. This is done by running water through filtration media like activated carbon, which bonds with those harmful chemicals and removes them from the water.
  • Biological: The removal of waste or bad bacterial growth. This is done by good bacteria, which convert harmful chemicals into harmless ones.

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We Offer More Than Just Filters

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Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of saltwater filter do I need?

Ideally, you will have one of each kind of filter: a mechanical filter that runs water through felt, a chemical filter made of porous media, and a biological “filter” of microorganisms that eat harmful chemicals and waste in the water and convert them into harmless chemicals.

What types of filters are available?

At Fish and Coral Store, we have all three types of aquarium filters for sale, as well as all the extra parts you need to maintain them.

Does size matter?

Yes, make sure you buy a filter that’s recommended for the size of your tank.