Xport-NO3 – 3/4″ Cubes; Sulfur doped, activated Denitrification Media, clear jar



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Xport-NO3 - 3/4" Cubes

The Xport NO3 3/4" Cubes: Xport-NO3 media with activated sulfur doping technology that helps to lower nitrate levels within your tank and facilitate easier monitoring. Clear the jar for easier monitoring!
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Xport-NO3 - 3/4" Cubes

"Xport-NO3 3/4" Cubes are an innovative denitrification solution designed to reduce nitrate levels in aquariums. Crafted with special activated, sulfur-doped media that promotes efficiency in denitrification processes, Xport NO3 helps turn nitrogen gas into harmless nitrates released back into the environment through bacteria which thrive within this cube environment. The cubes are stored inside a clear container, making it easy to observe denitrification processes as well as assess their effectiveness. Their 3/8" size cubes offer an easy and flexible solution to set up various aquariums; their porous design promotes bacteria colonization for maximum efficacy in removing nitrates. The Xport-NO3 system is an excellent way for marine and freshwater aquarium owners to ensure high water quality by limiting nitrate accumulation to safe levels, improving overall wellbeing and that of your aquarium inhabitants. The 3/4" cubes are the result of cutting-edge technology and an innovative design. Their activation and sulfur doping creates the ideal conditions for denitrifying bacteria to flourish, helping decrease aquarium nitrate levels by converting nitrates to safe nitrogen gas, thus decreasing levels. To use Xport-NO3, just place the cubes in the high-flow zone of your filtration system where water can flow freely over them. Over time, denitrifying bacteria will infiltrate and start the process of reducing nitrate levels; regular monitoring is highly advised to ascertain efficacy of media use as well as make any adjustments required. Enhance the denitrification capability of your aquarium with the revolutionary design and sulfur-doped activation technology of Xport-NO3 3/4" Cubes. Their revolutionary shape combined with sulfur doping activated technology provide an effective and reliable means of reducing nitrates in water, creating clearer more healthy aquatic environments by using this device.
1000 ml, 2 L, 20 L, 250 ml, 4 L, 500 ml
2.8 lbs
2.8 × 3 × 0.47 in