Xport-BIO – 1.5″ Grooved Blocks; Biological Filtration Media, 4 PK



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Xport-BIO - 1.5" Grooved Blocks

Enhance biological filtration of your aquarium with this four-pack of effective media Xport-BIO 1.5" grooved blocks from Xport-BIO. They improve water quality while contributing to an abundant ecosystem.
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Xport-BIO - 1.5" Grooved Blocks

Improve the health and vitality of your tank with the Xport BIO 1.5" grooved Blocks, an innovative biological filtration medium designed to provide aquatic creatures with their perfect habitat. This convenient set of grooved blocks offers an effective solution for improving water quality while supporting an abundant ecosystem in your aquarium. Uniquely designed, Xport-BIO 1.5" grooved Blocks provide a large surface area to foster beneficial nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria to flourish and transform harmful waste products such as ammonia and nitrate into more nontoxic compounds, ultimately improving overall wellbeing and stability of your fish tank. The grooved surface of these blocks increases their surface area, enabling beneficial bacteria to colonize it more readily, which results in greater efficiency and faster nutrient cycling, leading to cleaner water and healthier people. Furthermore, their size allows them to fit perfectly into various filters or sump systems for seamless integration into existing installations. The Grooved Blocks can be utilized in both freshwater and marine aquarium environments, making them an ideal addition to various aquascape designs. No matter if you are a novice or veteran aquarist, these Grooved Blocks will add stability to the aquatic environment by keeping water parameters stable while helping prevent sudden ammonia or nitrate spikes that could disrupt normal balance or cause harm to marine environments. Xport-BIO 1.5" grooved Blocks have been developed over years of research, giving you confidence to provide the optimal habitat for your corals, fish and aquatic creatures. Regular use could even reduce maintenance costs while improving overall water quality! Increase the biological filtering capabilities of your aquarium with Xport BIO 1.5" Grooped Blocks. Create an ecosystem where beneficial bacteria perform natural processes that produce clearer waters, healthier fish and corals; these four-pack of grooved blocks will soon put you on the road towards reaching peak water quality while protecting aquatic communities.
4 PK
8 lbs
5 × 2.5 × 1.25 in
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