Klir Fleece Filter Di-4



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Enjoy maintenance-free aquarium filtration for months at a time.

Klir Filter 4in automatically unrolls new filtering material, removing suspended particles from your aquarium and producing crystal clear water.

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Modular Mechanical Filtration is at its Best

The patent-pending Klir Fleece filter Di-4 fits directly into the majority of 4in filter socks. It instantly unrolls new material when it becomes clogged, eliminating floating particles out of your aquarium , and creating crystal clean water.A Enjoy the maintenance-free filtration of your aquarium throughout the duration of a. The Klir filter can be used as a direct alternative to filter socks used on Sumps using sock tray. Take off your sock and then put in the Klir Fleece filter Di-4. When water flows through the Klir filter and the material that filters it gets soaked by waste materials, the level of water will start to rise. If the water makes contact with the sensor an electric motor is activated to push clean filtering material.A Once the clean material has been exposed, the water will be free to flow which lowers the water level in the sock tray , and disabling the motor.

Klir's filtration has three major advantages:

  1. This results in sparkling clear water that is that is filtered to 50 microns aEUR"A double the capacity of the filter socks that are used for filtering..
  2. The waste is removed from the water column before it is able to degrade, which helps ensure that the water column is kept in a low-nutrient state!
  3. The regular chore of checking and changing filter socks and other mechanical media on a regular basis every couple of days can be eliminated over a long period of. When the filtering media has been overflowing, replacement is easy and affordable.


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