Xport-PO4 – 3/4″ Cubes; Ferric Oxide doped, Phosphate-adsorption Media, clear jar



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Xport-PO4 - 3/4" Cubes

"Xport" PO4 3/4" Cubes provide an effective means of controlling phosphate levels in aquariums with ferric oxide-doped media. Their clear packaging enables easy monitoring. Ideal for both freshwater and marine installations.
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Xport-PO4 - 3/4" Cubes

"Xport" PO4 3 3/4" Cubes are specifically designed to effectively manage aquarium phosphate levels using ferric oxide as doping and phosphate-adsorption media. Packed in clear jars for ease of viewing and evaluation, they allow effective monitoring. Phosphate contamination of freshwater and marine aquariums can often result in overgrowth of algae and poor water quality, creating an unhealthy habitat for aquatic species. Cubes Xport-PO4 provide an efficient solution to this issue thanks to their unique composition: absorbent beads that capture excessive phosphate from the water supply, providing optimal parameters of water and providing cleaner living environments for these aquatic inhabitants. Every 3/4" cube contains a large surface area covered by ferric oxide doped media that has an incredible capacity for eliminating phosphate from aquarium water. They're easy to use and suitable for various forms of filtration equipment like sump filters, canister filters and media reactors; when water passes through these cubes ferric oxide is able to bind with and reduce levels of phosphate present in your aquarium's water supply. Regular use of Xport-PO4 cubes could help stop harmful algae blooms, improve coral health and enhance aesthetics in your aquarium. With their transparent packaging jar, you're able to see at a glance what state your media is in - replacing or rejuvenating it as necessary; plus you can view their effectiveness and take appropriate actions if needed. Xport-PO4 Cubes are an indispensable element of any aquarium care routine, offering an effective yet natural method for controlling phosphate. Aquarium owners can use them to maintain cleaner, clearer waters for their fish corals and marine inhabitants alike - whether your setup includes freshwater or marine inhabitants - using these cubes efficiently to improve water quality by managing phosphate issues and controlling phosphate levels effectively.
1000 ml, 2 L, 20 L, 250 ml, 4 L, 500 ml
2.8 lbs
2.8 × 3 × 0.47 in
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