Xport NO3 Plate – Nominal 9.00″ x 8.00″ x 1.50″ for Aquascaping, Biofiltration, and Coral Propagation



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Xport NO3 Plate - Nominal 9.00" x 8.00" x 1.50"

The Xport NO3 Plate is your Versatile Aquascape Biofiltration and Coral Propagation Solution!
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Xport NO3 Plate - Nominal 9.00" x 8.00" x 1.50"

The Xport NO3 Plate is an innovative and flexible solution created to enhance your aquascape experience. Measuring 9.00" by 8.00" and 1.50", this flexible platform can be used in multiple ways throughout an aquatic landscape. If you're an enthusiastic aquascaper, biofiltration enthusiast or coral propagation specialist then the Xport NO3 Plate may be just what's needed for you. Its innovative design creates an ideal setting for healthy bacteria to flourish promoting biofiltration naturally as well as creating visually appealing aquascapes. For aquascaping purposes, the Xport NO3 should serve as the perfect foundation. Its smooth surface offers secure placement and quick adjustments that allow for stunning underwater landscapes that reflect your artistic sensibilities and aesthetic preferences. As a biofiltration device, an Xport NO3 Plate's porous design provides ample room for beneficial bacteria to thrive - an integral factor in breaking down harmful ammonia and nitrite to create a healthier aquarium ecosystem. When installed into an aquarium environment, an Xport NO3 Plate will significantly improve both water quality and decrease harmful substances. Furthermore, the Xport NO3 is an effective tool for propagating coral. Its design allows coral pieces to stay put, encouraging their growth and reproduction - ultimately growing your collection and adding vibrantly vibrant displays in your aquarium. Made of top-grade materials, the Xport No3 is designed for long-term and reliable performance, lasting through multiple seasons. The transparent jar packaging makes for convenient storage solutions while also showing off its quality. No matter if you are an experienced marine enthusiast or just starting out in aquatics, The Xport NO3 Plate provides numerous advantages that enhance both the look and efficiency of marine ecosystems. Take advantage of its versatility by making it part of your aquarium setup - this way creating stunning aquascapes while improving water quality, increasing coral development and supporting growth!
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12 × 2 × 2.26 in
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