Xport BIO Dimpled Brick – Nominal 9″ x 4.50″ x 2.50″ for Aquascaping, Biofiltration, and Coral Propagation



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Xport BIO Dimpled Brick - Nominal 9" x 4.50" x 2.50"

Enhance your aquarium with the Xport BIO Dimpled Brick! Measuring 9", its dimensions are 4.50" wide by 2.50", making it the ideal solution for aquascaping, biofiltration or coral propagation - and will improve both appearance and overall health of its aqua ecosystem!
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Xport BIO Dimpled Brick - Nominal 9" x 4.50" x 2.50"

The Xport BIO Dimpled Brick provides an efficient and flexible way to improve the beauty, health and environmental sustainability of water ecosystems. Measuring 9.50" by 4.50", 2.50", and 2.50", this piece has been specifically designed for aquascaping and biofiltration applications in freshwater and marine aquarium environments as well as coral propagation purposes. "Aquascaping Excellence": Create stunning underwater landscapes using this Xport BIO Dimpled Brick. With its large dimensions and dimpled texture, creating intricate aquascapes resembling natural underwater habitats is made easy. Corals, plants and marine creatures alike will flourish within its large dimensions! **Optimum Biofiltration** The brick's porous and interconnected structure serves as an exceptional substrate for beneficial nitrifying and de-nitrifying bacteria to flourish on. Its vast surface permits them to flourish, helping convert harmful ammonia and nitrite levels into less toxic forms of nitrate that help ensure a cleaner ecosystem for aquatic animals. *Coral Propagation Support** This Xport Bio Dimpled Brick is the ideal choice for supporting coral propagation. With its large surface area providing attachment points for frag plugs, this brick provides easy growth and propagation. Furthermore, its complex design promotes water circulation around each coral fragment while offering optimal levels of nutrients as well as sunlight exposure for healthy growth. High-Quality Materials Precision Crafted, the Xport Bio Dimpled Brick is expertly crafted using only top-grade chemically inert substances - free from contaminants that could compromise water chemistry or harm marine ecosystems - making it a top choice to add longevity and performance to any aquarium environment. Easy Integration: With dimensions measuring 9.50" by 4.50" 2.50" and 9" 2.50", the Xport Dimpled Brick can easily fit into different tanks and configurations. No matter whether it be for massive complex reef aquarium or tiny nano aquariums, this model will adapt to meet your specific requirements to enhance both appearance and performance of the tank. Add an aesthetic and coral propagation boost to your aquarium with this Xport Dimpled Brick! Built to perform and be versatile, it acts as an essential component in creating and maintaining a healthy aquascape for both you and your aquatic friends to enjoy.
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5 × 4 × 2.34 in
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