Xport NO3 Dimpled Brick – Nominal 9″ x 4.50″ x 2.50″ for Aquascaping, Biofiltration, and Coral Propagation



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Xport NO3 Dimpled Brick - Nominal 9" x 4.50" x 2.50"

Improve your aquascape by adding The Xport No3 Dimpled Brick. Measuring 9" in diameter and 4.50" 2.50", this brick is ideal for various applications in aquascaping, biofiltration or coral proliferation in both freshwater and marine settings. 2.50" It provides perfect aquascaping conditions.
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Xport NO3 Dimpled Brick - Nominal 9" x 4.50" x 2.50"

The Xport NO3 Dimpled Brick is a multi-functional component designed to improve biofiltration, aquascaping and coral growth in your aquarium. Measuring 9"x 4.50", 2.50" and 2.50", it offers many benefits for freshwater and marine aquarists alike. Aquascaping: With Xport No3 Dimpled Brick's unique design and texture, creating gorgeous aquatic landscapes has never been simpler! This brick has the appearance and feel of natural stone for a breathtaking underwater scene. Biofiltration: This Xport NO3 Dimpled Brick biofiltration media is an outstanding tool to help maintain top-grade water quality for your fish tank. Its porous design provides ample surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive, efficiently filtering out nitrate and other potentially harmful substances from your water, creating a healthier habitat for aquatic species while decreasing chances of algae blooms. **Coral Propagation Brick:** This one is ideal for coral propagation as well as fragging. With convenient dimensions and shapes that make connecting coral fragments effortless, allowing them to flourish in their controlled space while the textured surface provides secure attachment that encourages propagation success. Quality Construction: Made With Care The Xport No3 Brick is meticulously constructed using durable components tested to ensure its safety in marine environments. The long-lasting structure provides longevity in your aquarium environment and makes a strong addition. *Easy to UseThe Xport No3 Brick is simple to use and easily integrated into existing filtration systems. Simply drop it into your sump, reactor or any other place with water flow while letting good bacteria do their work! *Very Effective Application: No matter if your aquarium is marine-oriented or freshwater-focused, The Xport No3 Brick can help in many different ways to keep the water clean and reduce levels of nitrate while simultaneously increasing quality levels - an invaluable asset for anyone who loves aquariums! Install the Xport NO3 Dimpled Brick into your aquarium to experience improved aquascaping, biofiltration and coral propagation. With its careful design and superior performance it forms a key part of building healthy yet beautiful aquascapes.
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5 × 4 × 2.34 in
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