CoraLazarus – High-purity Calcium Media for placement in Reactors



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Improve the health of your coral with premium calcium media designed for reactors. Maintain optimal calcium levels to ensure healthy reef aquarium environments.
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CoraLazarus - High-purity Calcium Media

CoraLazarus provides the ideal solution to maintaining optimal calcium levels in aquarium reefs with its pure calcium media that's specially tailored to be used in reactors. Calcium plays an essential role in maintaining coral health and growth as well as general marine creature well-being - its benefits being vibrant colors, robust skeletal strength, and overall good health for corals and marine creatures alike. CoraLazarus has been carefully designed to deliver an even and steady release of calcium ions into your aquarium's water, without risking contamination from harmful substances or contaminants. Its high purity composition ensures that calcium you need is delivered pure without risk of unwanted contamination or contaminants entering. As such, this makes CoraLazarus an efficient and trustworthy method of supplementing calcium without risk to health or introducing dangerous contaminants into your ecosystem. CoraLazarus makes this process simple by offering easy-to-use non-toxic media that can be placed inside an aquarium's reactor or bag and allows water to move through and interact with high purity calcium beads. By including CoraLazarus in your system configuration, you are guaranteeing the controlled release of calcium ions into water at regular intervals, thus protecting corals against sudden shifts that could hinder their growth and cause strain on coral colonies. A well-maintained level of calcium ensures healthy corals, vibrant colors and overall aquarium performance. CoraLazarus makes managing calcium requirements for reef aquariums easy; offering reliable methods of reaching optimal concentration levels for coral species as well as marine organisms. CoraLazarus can elevate your reef-keeping experience, positively influencing coral's growth, coloration and overall health. Thanks to its highly pure composition and efficient layout, this essential tool for avid aquarists who wish to provide marine creatures with optimal conditions in which to flourish and flourish. Maintain the beauty and health of your coral reef by using CoraLazarus calcium medium; an ideal solution for maintaining higher calcium levels within aquarium reef environments.
1,000 g / 2.20 lbs., 20 kg. / 44 lbs., 5 kg / 11 lbs.
3.5 lbs
3.5 × 10.5 × 2.24 in
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