Xport-BIO – 3/4″ Cubes; Biological Filtration Media, clear jar



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Xport-BIO - 3/4" Cubes

Enhance the effectiveness of your aquarium's biological filtering with Xport BIO 3/4" Cubes. These visual and functional cubes can be placed into clear jars for convenient placement within an eco-healthy ecosystem.
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Xport-BIO - 3/4" Cubes

The Xport-BIO 3/4" Cubes offer the ideal solution to increase biological water filtration with an aesthetic flair. Crafted with precision to foster beneficial bacteria colonies and break down waste in your aquarium environment. Made with care, each cube features a porous surface which serves as the ideal environment for colonization by bacteria tasked with nitrifying and denitrifying ammonia levels, creating a healthier habitat for corals and fish alike. Xport-BIO Ice Cubes stand out with their easy to use design that fits snugly into an uncluttered container. Not only does the transparent jar add visual interest but it also allows for monitoring colonization progress by bacteria within each cube. Xport-BIO cubes can be utilized in various ways and are suitable for use with many filtration systems such as Canister filters, Sump filters and media reactors. Their 3/4" dimensions make them suitable for tanks of all sizes from tiny setups to larger reef and marine aquariums. With the Xport-BIO 3/4" Cubes you're creating an ecosystem which supports long-term health and stability. Say goodbye to accumulation of nutrients while welcoming cleaner waters with vibrant corals and healthy fish populations. By creating this sanctuary for beneficial bacteria to flourish and thus improving water quality and overall wellbeing. These 3/4" cubes offer an unparalleled combination of cutting-edge technology and natural efficacy. Every cube's staggering surface area and intricate porous structure provide ideal conditions for colonization by beneficial bacteria - which work tirelessly in breaking down ammonia as well as Nitrites from water flowing through, thus creating an aquatic habitat that is safe and stable for aquatic creatures. Enhance your filtration techniques using XportBIO 3/4" Cubes and watch how your aquarium transforms into an impressive ecosystem. Take advantage of their effectiveness at removing nutrient, reduced maintenance requirements and an impressive visual display by using them for filtering purposes.
1000 ml, 2 L, 20 L, 250 ml, 4 L, 500 ml
2.8 lbs
2.8 × 3 × 0.47 in
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