FerroxiPhos-G – Uniform-graded Granular Ferric Oxide for Phosphate Control in all Aquaria



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FerroxiPhos is a highly effective homogenous granular ferric dioxide product designed to effectively remove excess phosphate from all types of aquariums for healthy and optimal aquascape environments.
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FerroxiPhos-G is an innovative solution designed to tackle one of the key problems in aquarium maintenance: overproduction of phosphate. Utilizing uniform-graded granular ferric dioxide, this solution offers efficient and precise phosphate control across a range of aquatic environments, from freshwater aquariums to marine. Phosphate buildup in aquariums can cause numerous issues, from ugly algae blooms to reduced quality of water and stunted development of corals and other aquatic creatures. FerroxiPhos offers an effective solution by quickly binding excess phosphate, stopping it from escaping back into the surrounding water column and stopping further algae growth - not only will this stop algae from taking hold in your ecosystem of your aquarium - it will also create health and balance within it! FerroxiPhos-G's uniform grading ensures consistent and complete removal of phosphate, optimizing efficiency while minimizing replacement media needs. Ferric oxide granular is designed for use in various filtration systems such as media reactors, canister filters and sump. Furthermore, its versatility enables it to meet the needs of marine and freshwater installations alike - meeting any aquarists' unique requirements for success! FerroxiPhos G is easy and straightforward. As water moves through a medium, phosphate molecules adsorb rapidly onto it, gradually decreasing their amount. Regular monitoring of your phosphate levels should help determine the appropriate dose of FerroxiPhos G for maximum effectiveness and desired outcomes. By including FerroxiPhos-G in your routine for aquarium maintenance, it is possible to make proactive efforts at maintaining good phosphate levels and avoid potential issues that could arise. Experience clearer water, more active life in the tank and an aesthetically pleasing aquarium! Whether an experienced aquarist or newcomer to aquaristic care - FerroxiPhos is an essential instrument in creating and maintaining the ideal water setting you have always desired. FerroxiPhos-G is designed to make aquarium health and appearance improvements easy and effortless, providing reliable phosphate management to create a thriving environment in which both you and your aquatic residents can relish for many years to come.
1.2 kg. / 2.6 lbs. (32-oz. jar), 24 kg. / 52.8 lbs., 300 g. / 10.6 oz. (8-oz. jar), 4.8 kg. / 10.6 lbs., 600 g. / 1.3 lbs. (16-oz. jar)
2.9 lbs
2.9 × 3.1 × 0.74 in
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