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The Yellow Cardinalfish is found on caves or ledges in schools. It is believed that the Yellow Cardinalfish tends to become more active during the night. They are slender and long in shape. Their red/orange gold hue can add a diverse color scheme to your fish tank. A larger or 10-gallon aquarium that has a cave and peaceful tank mates is perfect for this slow and deliberate swimmer. The species is known to conceal itself in sea grass and other plants, or utilize long spined urchins as camouflage. If there is a bigger aquarium accessible, it can accommodate only a small group of the species. As a group, they'll create a strict hierarchy, without any aggression. The Yellow Cardinalfish requires a well-balanced diet that includes meaty food items like feeder shrimp, flake foods, pellet food as well as bloodworms, marine flesh, and, depending on its size live feeder fish. Approximate Purchase Size: 3/4" to 2"  
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Information about Yellow Cardinalfish It has a gorgeous yellow hue and a small size not nearly reaching 2'' in length when it reaches adulthood. Cardinalfishes of this size are able to group and shoal making it an ideal species for people who wish to imitate this type of fish for their home aquarium.
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