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The Red Flag Grouper is known by various names, such as The Flagtail Grouper, Darkfin Hind, Coral-cod Banded-tail, as well as the V-tail Grouper. It has a red-colored body that can be flecked with white. Two white lines on its caudal fin (tail) appear to create a "V". A 180-gallon or bigger aquarium is necessary because of its size and the way it eats. It's a very aggressive fish and can devour its tankmates and crustaceans. Groupers eat meaty food like shrimp, krill, and other small fish. Approximate size of purchase 2" up to 4 1/2"  
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Info about Red Flag Grouper The Red Flag Grouper (Cephalopholis urodeta) is often referred to in the name of Flagtail Grouper or V-tail Grouper. It is red in color with white markings, and 2 white lines on the tail fins which make up a "V." Groupers require large tanks that are 150 gallons or more, and plenty of live rock to conceal. Groupers are extremely aggressive fish, and they can eat their tankmates and crustaceans.   Diet of the Red Flag Grouper The groupers like meaty food like shrimp, krill, and various smaller fish.  
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