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The ORA® Captive-Bred Sunrise Dottyback Also called the Sunrise Pseudochromis or Blue Flavivertex Dottyback is mostly blue with yellow highlights on the fins as well as the eyes. Sunrise Dottybacks are a different brightly colored basslet, which is found within the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. ORA®s broodstock creates the bluest Sunrise Dottybacks available in the market. An extremely curious fish with a unique personality, these tough fish can provide an endless amount of pleasure for those who are novice or experienced saltwater hobbyists. A larger or 30 gallon aquarium with a lot of hiding spots creates a safe habitat. It is prey for tiny mantis shrimp and bristleworms. It is ideal for reef aquariums. When you have more than one Pseudochromis inside the same aquarium, it's essential to add them simultaneously. The brightly colored basslet needs to have a balanced diet composed of food items specifically designed for carnivores. If it is kept in an aquarium with reef fish it is recommended that the ORA® Captive-Bred Sunrise Dottyback should be fed only once per day. Approximate Purchase Size: 1" to 1-3/4"
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General information about Sunrise Dottyback The Sunrise Dottyback is primarily blue with yellow highlights on the fins as well as the eyes. It can consume ornamental shrimp as well as invertebrates like small mantis shrimps and fireworms.  
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