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ORA® Captive-Bred Neon Dottyback is a gorgeous yellow/orange color featuring neon blue lines on the dorsal end the gill cover, and the tail. It's a very sought-after species that was previously brought out of to the Persian Gulf, but is rarely caught in the wild. 30 gallon or larger tanks with plenty of hiding spots must be set up. It should be surrounded by fish that are moderately aggressive. It can eat ornamental shrimp however it is a great predator of bristle worms within the reef aquarium. It is recommended that the ORA Captive-Bred Neon Dottyback should be fed a varied diet composed of specially designed foods for carnivores. If it is kept in an aquarium that is reef-based then the ORA Captive-Bred Dottyback needs to be fed every day. Approximate Purchase Size: 1" to 1-3/4"  
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General information regarding Neon Dottyback Neon Dottyback is a beautiful orange/yellow color, with the neon blue stripe on its dorsal fin, gill cover, and its tail. It's a well-known species that was once brought out of in the Persian Gulf but is very rarely caught from the wild. It's best to house it with larger fish that are moderately aggressive. It can eat ornamental shrimp but is an excellent predator of bristle worms in the reef aquarium.  
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