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It needs a 180-gallon or larger aquarium that has a adequate shelter until it gets used to the environment. Aquariums must be fitted with a tightly-fitting lid in order to prevent escape. The Japanese Dragon Eel diet is comprised of live feeder fishes, squid, and octopus. They can devour different fish that are in the tank. Approximate size of purchase 12" and up
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Japanese Dragon Eel Information
Enchelycore pardalisis commonly referred to as Leopard moray eel, or Dragon moray. Dragon moray eels live in coral reefs and rocky reefs in the depths of 8 to 60 meters and can grow to 45 in size when they are wild. These gorgeous looking eels can be stunning in any aquarium. The eel shouldn't be mixed with anything that could be placed in its mouth and shouldn't mix with sharks like catfish. It may take up to up to a week or so before it can begin eating. The placement of rocks for hiding makes them happy.
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