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The Blood Red Hawkfish, also called The Banded Hawkfish or Redbar Hawkfish is bright red with bluish-white spots on the face as well as thin vertical stripes on the body. A 30 gallon or larger aquarium is fine. It is a tough fish and any tankmates should be larger than it and at the very least, semi-aggressive. It is a scavenger for small fish and crustaceans. It is recommended that the Blood Red Hawkfish diet should comprise a range of seafood meats, frozen products, and fresh feeder shrimp. Approximate Size: Small 1" to 2"; Medium 2" to 3"; Large 3" to 4"  
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General information regarding Blood Red Hawkfish The Blood Red Hawkfish has an attractive bright red body that is adorned with white-bluish freckles on its face as well as thin vertical stripes across the body. An aquarium that is medium or large is recommended. It is a tough fish and any tankmates must be big and, ideally, semi-aggressive. It can eat small crustaceans and fish.
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