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The Scissortail Goby, also known as the Scissortail Dartfish, has a blue and white head with large dorsal as well as anal fins. It is best to keep it in a 30 gallon or greater aquarium, with plenty of coral rubble, the lid should be tight enough to prevent it from leaping out of the tank. It needs plenty of room to swim and a bottom that is sand to allow for burrowing. It rarely becomes aggressive toward other fish, however, it is territorial and fights with its own species unless they are a couple. It is recommended that the Scissortail Goby diet should include finely chopped or shaved fish, brine shrimp, and mysis shrimp. Approximate Purchase Size: 1" to 4"
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General information regarding Scissortail Dartfish Scissortail Goby has a white head and blue body that has big dorsal and anterior fins. It is recommended to keep it in an aquarium that is full of loose coral rubble, and a lid to prevent it from jumping out of the aquarium. It needs plenty of room to swim and a sand bottom to burrow in. It is not likely to become aggressive with other fish, however, it is territorial and will be a fierce competitor with its own species unless a mating pair.  
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