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The Saddle Valentini Puffer, also referred to in the form of Toby, also known as Black Saddle Pufferfish, Blacksaddled Toby, Valentini Toby, or Saddled Toby. Members of the Canthigaster Genus are known as sharp-nosed Puffers as well as Tobies. The Saddle Valentini Puffer is an appealing and colorful fish with dark brown stripes throughout the midsection, brownish-orange spots on the lower part with yellow fins and blue stripes running down the back. It isn't equipped with pelvic fins but it is able to use pectoral fins for moving around the aquarium. An aquarium of 30 gallons or greater aquarium that is exclusively fish-only is ideal. It is possible to eat invertebrates within a reef tank. The teeth of the fish are actually a beak-like structure. The flesh of the toby puffers are harmful. It is capable to, when it is threatened or frightened to increase the body to more than twice the size it is normally. It is frightened when it is netted, so make use of a container to transport it. Saddle Valentini demands an extensive diet of meaty food items, including shrimp, squid, krill and shrimp that have hard shells to keep their teeth that are constantly growing. Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1" to 2" Medium; 2" to 3" Large; 3" to 4"  
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General information on Saddle Valentini Puffer It is a species of the genus Canthigaster. It is an attractive and vivid fish. It has dark brown bands along the middle, brownish-orange spotting in the lower portion as well as yellow fins and blue stripes that run along the back. The fish does not have pelvic fins however it is now able to utilize pectoral fins to move around the aquarium. An oversized or medium-sized fish-only tank is appropriate. It is possible for it to eat invertebrates inside a reef aquarium. The teeth are actually a fusion beak-like structure. Some of its flesh is toxic. It is able to, when it is threatened or frightened increase its body up to nearly double the size it is normally. It is frightened when it is netted. Therefore, it is recommended to make use of a container to transport it.  
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