Lavender Tang

Greek Name: (Acanthurus nigrofuscus)



Lavender Tang, also known as the Spot-Cheeked Surgeonfish is found in huge groups on reefs in the Central Pacific. The beautiful fish is colored with shades of tan and lavender and features numerous spots of orange on its face. The orange spots are the clue to numerous black spots that cover the rest of the body while the tail has been split.

A 125 gallon or greater is required to give plenty of space for swimming. Live rock is favored by this species to graze and provides plenty of structure for hiding spots and territorial areas. It can be aggressive with the other Tangs and Surgeonfish, however, it is peaceful with other species of fish.

While Tangs can eat meaty foods, it’s crucial that they receive lots of marine-based seaweed and algae. This will boost the immune system of Tangs, decrease aggression, and boost their overall health. Provide dried seaweed that is tied to a rock, or an organic clip and feed them at least three times a week. Sea Veggies, Seaweed Salad, and Ocean Nutrition are all ideal products and are extremely user-friendly.

Approximate Size of Purchase: Small: 1-1/4″ to 2-1/4″ ; Small/Medium: 2-1/4″ to 3-1/4″ ; Medium: 3-1/4″ to 4-1/4″ ; Medium/Large: 4-1/4″ to 5-1/4″



Care Level




Color Form

Black, Orange, Purple, Tan



Reef Compatible


Water Conditions

sg 1.020-1.025, 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4

Max Size



Sri Lanka



Minimum Tank

125 gallons


Lavender Tang Information

Lavender Tang is often passed by hobbyists as it’s not as appealing at first as many other tangs readily available. However, put them in the right lighting the colors of these Lavenders will truly become vibrant. They are light gray with pastel yellow dorsal fins as well as anal fins that are purple. They also have tiny spots of yellow on their mouths and faces.

Additional information


Large, Medium, Small

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