Humu Picasso Triggerfish

Greek Name: (Rhinecanthus aculeatus



Humu Picasso Triggerfish also called The Humuhumu Triggerfish or Picasso Triggerfish has a fun paint-splattered appearance. It is a brown body with dark dark bands that are gradient, as well as vibrant black and blue stripes across the head’s top with an orange stripe running from cheek to cheek and deep set-back eyes.

A larger or 180-gallon aquarium with caves and rocks creates a great habitat. It can rearrange the landscaping and rocks while it walks between the caves. It sings with the “grunting” noise.

The Triggerfish Humu Picasso requires an extensive diet of meaty foods including shrimp, squid, krill small fish, as well as shrimp that have hard shells to reduce the wear on their teeth that are constantly growing.

Approximate Size of Purchase: Small: 1″ to 2″; Medium: 2″ to 3″; Medium/Large 3″ to 3 3/4″; Large: 3 3/4″ to 4 1/2″; X Large 4 1/2″ to 5 1/2″


Care Level




Color Form

Black, Blue, Orange, Tan, Yellow



Reef Compatible


Water Conditions

sg 1.020-1.025, 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4

Max Size



Fiji, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Tahiti



Minimum Tank

180 gallons


General info about Humu Picasso Triggerfish

Humu Picasso Triggerfish has a bizarre, painted look. Its body is tan with dark, gradient bands with vibrant black and blue stripes across its head. The top is black and blue. It also has an orange stripe running between cheeks and cheeks and eyes that are set back deeply. An enormous aquarium with caves and rocks creates a great habitat. It can rearrange the landscape and rocks when it moves through the caves. It screams out using grunting sounds. It makes an excellent conversation piece.

Additional information


Large, Medium, Small

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