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The Blue-Green Reef Chromis is simple to take care of Beautiful, serene, and tranquil. The Chromis viridis is one of the most popular marine reef fish for aquarists regardless of their degree of experience. The species of the Pomacentridae family is easily identified by its stunning dorsal surface that is light blue and gradually transforms into a stunning light green belly. The Blue Green Reef Chromis is popular not only because of its stunning beauty but also due to its tranquility (despite it being classified as an actual damselfish) and the ability to be kept in close proximity with nearly all community fish species corals, invertebrates, and other fish. Reefs that are native to the mid-depth to shallow lagoons in The Indo-Pacific, as well as the South Pacific, wild specimens, prefer to gather in huge shoals in the corals of branches such as Acropora. At home, the Blue Green Reef Chromis does best in similar conditions and can be found swimming across all levels of the aquarium's water column. A small group consisting of Blue Green Reef Chromis comprised of at least six individuals provides an enthralling and stunning glimmer of beauty to nearly every reef system that is well-established. The Blue Green Reef Chromis generally is extremely robust and can survive between 8 and 15 years within aquariums that have high-quality water. To ensure the best treatment, feed it often throughout the day, using diverse diets of meaty food such as herbivore flakes, herbivore pellets, and frozen meals. Foods that are rich in vitamins can aid in maintaining body colors. Certain aquarists are able to successfully breed Blue Green Reef Chromis in the home aquarium. Note that the males' body color when they are ready to nest transforms into a more mild yellow hue. But, successful breeding requires precise water parameters in the most extensive of non-predatory aquarium systems. Approximate Purchase Size: Small 1/2" to 1" Medium: 1" to 2"; Large 2" to 3"
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Information on Green Reef Chromis The Green Chromis is by far one of the most sought-after saltwater fish among hobbyists who keep fish. Its stunning color and vibrant personality are the main reasons it has been so loved for more than 30 years. Although the majority of fish in the clan have a reputation for aggressive nature this particular family member is known for its quiet and fun-loving nature.   Diet of Green Reef Chromis Chromis viridis are omnivores. That means it eats both plant and animal matter. Wild, they're mostly a scavenger eating mysid shrimp, larvae copepods, zooplankton phytoplankton and algae. They've even been observed eating fish eggs that haven't been born. Because they are each an array of different foods it is important to provide them with a diverse menu in your aquarium. Luckily, Chromis are fantastic eaters and will happily eat almost everything you feed them such as frozen food, pellets, flakes meat, vegetables, and even meat. For frozen foods it is possible to feed them Krill as well as Mysis shrimp. It is also possible to utilize a vitamin in liquid form that can help the color of their bodies remain bright. And to complement this with an herbivore flake as well as freshly cut and fresh vegetables. When it comes to how often you feed them, it is contingent on the dimensions of your fish tank. Ideally, you should feed them three times every day.    
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