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The Falcula Butterflyfish, also known as the Sickle Butterflyfish, is mostly white before turning yellow in the dorsal area. It features small black stripes along its sides and two black patches on the dorsal wing, and a black eyeband. A 125 gallon or more aquarium that is fish-only and has other butterflyfish can be a wonderful habitat.  Falcula Butterflyfish will eat anemones hard corals, corals that are hard, and mushroom anemones that cause problems in reef aquariums.   It is recommended to feed it various meaty food items like mysis shrimp, crustacean flesh, and frozen dishes, as well as occasionally sea anemones as an indulgence.   Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1-1/4" to 2"; Small/Medium 2" to 2 3/4" Medium: 2-3/4" to 3 1/4"; Medium/Large 3 1/4" to 4" Large: 4" to 5"
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Falcula Butterflyfish Description The Falcula Butterflyfish, also known as the Saddle Back Butterflyfish, is an extremely popular addition to aquariums. One of the most robust Butterflyfish in the market it will compete with other tankmates for food. Falcula Butterflyfish Diet Saddleback Butterflyfish can occasionally be unwilling to accept an in-water diet but may be lured by tiny anemones or rocks of Aiptaisia. In time, it will adapt to its new diet following the model of its tankmates. Consume a diverse diet of small, meaty food items along with other frozen foods.
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