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The Assorted Anglers vary in shades ranging from grey to tan to brown. The body of the fish can change color to blend in with the environment as time passes. They require huge amounts of rock that is live in an aquarium that is 30 gallons or more. aquarium. In the initial introduction to the aquarium fresh saltwater feeder shrimp must be utilized to lure this fish to consume. Anglers can take any small animal in aquarium (crustacean or fish) which is lured to its mouth using the Esca (modified initial dorsal spine) which resembles tiny, delicious fish. It can eat most of the meaty fish meals, such as shrimp and feeder fish.   Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1" to 2"; Medium: 2" to 4"; Large: 4" to 6"
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Assorted Anglers Information The Assorted Anglers vary in shades ranging from gray to tan to brown. The body of the fish can change color to blend in with the surroundings over time. They require huge amounts of live rock in a 30- gallon or larger aquarium, with plenty of hiding places. They do not cause harm to corals, and they are gentle. The Assorted Angler will behave calmly with other fish. Assorted Anglerfish Assorted Anglerfish are less colorful than Colored Anglers. The Assorted Anglers are tiny fishes sporting large heads. They are distinct from other fishes due to the three long dorsal fin spines that are on their heads. They are generally bottom-dwelling fishes, which are well disguised. They employ the dorsal spine first as a lure for fishing to draw prey. An Assorted Anglerfish's head is that is massive, large and flat.   Feeding, Diet and Nutrition An Assorted Anglerfish is a glutton and will devour any tankmate that fits in their mouths, even fish that are equal or slightly larger in length. The Assorted Anglerfish may even consume venomous fish. Certain species can be trained to consume portions of seafood off an eating stick, but live food is typically required to trigger a feeding response. They also consume decorative shrimp. Avoid keeping any angler with curious fishes, like big type or triggerfish since these fish will grab at the angler like it was eating. When the fish is first introduced to the aquarium in the beginning, fresh saltwater feeder shrimp can be used to lure the Assorted Anglerfish to take a bite. The Assorted Angler is able to consume any small creature in an aquarium (crustacean or fish) that is lured to its mouth through the help the atlas (modified initial dorsal spine) that resembles tiny, delicious fish. It is able to eat all meaty foods, including shrimp and feeder fish.
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