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Transform your aquarium with the VorTech MP60wQD Driver, offering advanced QuietDrive technology for significantly reduced noise and enhanced controllability in your VorTech pumps.
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Upgrade your aquarium's VorTech pumps with the EcoTech VorTech MP60wQD Driver, featuring advanced QuietDrive technology. This driver significantly reduces noise, making it ideal for a peaceful aquarium environment. It's perfect for converting EcoSmart controlled pumps to quieter operation or replacing a damaged or faulty QuietDrive driver.

Key Features:

Enhanced Controllability: Offers over six operational modes, including Auto Tune, Feed Mode, and Night Mode. Remarkably Quiet: Achieves up to 90% reduction in motor noise for a tranquil aquarium setting. Seamless Compatibility: Communicates wirelessly with existing WWD and wireless EcoSmart pumps and integrates fully with EcoSmart Live via ReefLink.

Easy Installation:

Follow the provided instructions for a hassle-free setup.

Package Contents:

  • QuietDrive faceplate and backplate
  • QuietDrive board
  • Velcro mounting tape
  • Assembly hardware
  • QuietDrive control knob

*Please Note:

The replacement drivers do not include a wireless chip. You'll need to use the chip from your old driver or purchase it separately.

The VorTech MP60wQD Driver is more than just an upgrade; it's a transformation for your VorTech pumps, ensuring quieter, more efficient operation while maintaining full functionality and compatibility with your existing aquarium setup.


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