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Fish and Coral Store has the selection of aquarium fish for sale online that you’ve been looking for. We carry a variety of species of fish to add to your aquarium like clownfish, gobies, cardinalfish, and more.

Not only do we offer fish, but we also offer everything else you need to care for them. Browse our aquariums and aquarium maintenance supplies to build an entire thriving system for them. Our selection includes fish food, heaters, filters, and other necessary maintenance supplies. Explore live fish for sale online at Fish and Coral Store to start your at-home aquarium.

The Full Store Collection

Fish and Coral Store is your destination for aquarium supplies and fish for sale online. In our collection, you’ll find an assortment of sustainably sourced, captive-bred, and wild-caught fish. We also carry high-quality equipment like Red Sea aquariums, heaters, and aquarium filters. Order now to complete your aquarium!

About Fish and Coral Store

Family owned and operated, Fish and Coral Store is one of the few West Coast aquarium stores. We’re the fish and supplies store run by fish lovers for fish lovers, and we love to share our years of fish and aquarium maintenance experience to help you care for your own aquarium. Take a look at our collection of supplies, coral, and live fish for sale online to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it difficult for beginners to have an aquarium?

If you love fish, you can have an aquarium! Just make sure you do your research into the fish you’ll be taking care of and get the aquarium supplies they need to thrive.

How do I know which fish to choose for my aquarium?

Some considerations for choosing your fish may include size, appearance, ease of care and maintenance, species, and quantity and compatibility of fish. Whatever fish you’re interested in, always research the conditions they need to survive!

What kind of maintenance does an aquarium require?

Maintenance is an essential part of the aquarium experience. To name a few aspects, you’ll need to ensure that water and the tank are cleaned regularly, maintain pH balance, and keep the proper temperature your fish and coral need to survive.

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