Essential Saltwater Aquarium Equipment

There are a few pieces of equipment that will ensure your saltwater tank creates a healthy environment:

  • Water Filter: A water filter uses physical, chemical, and biological filtration to remove harmful debris, pollutants, and chemical buildup in your tank.
  • Air Pump: An air pump ensures your fish get the oxygen they need by manually aerating it.
  • Protein Skimmers: You know the foam that washes up on beaches? Protein skimmers have the same function: removing nitrates, the broken-down form of nitrites. This helps maintain tank health.
  • Lights: Lights allow you to admire the saltwater environment you’ve crafted.
  • Heater: Fish survive with a very small temperature threshold similar to the environment they are native to. A heater helps maintain your tank temperature, keeping your fish healthy and happy.
  • Monitoring Equipment: This saltwater aquarium equipment uses sensors that display data about the temperature, water levels, and more on screens mounted outside the tank.
  • Test Kits: Alongside sensors, aquarium test kits help you track pH levels, ammonia buildup, and more to avoid your environment becoming toxic for your fish.
  • Coral Grabber: If you’re working with coral, having a coral grabber to move around coral is an invaluable aquarium maintenance tool.
  • Algae Scrubbers: These keep your tank free of unsightly algae buildup.

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Expert Knowledge

Our experts are ready to answer your questions and help you find the maintenance tools you need. At Fish and Coral Store, we love fish and building out personal reefs. But more importantly, we love using our years of experience to help fellow aquarists set up thriving aquariums.

Frequently Asked Questions
What saltwater aquarium equipment do I need?

The equipment you need depends on the fish you’re keeping. However, some necessities include a water filter, protein skimmer, lighting, heater, monitoring equipment, test kits, coral grabber, and algae scrubber.

What aquarium maintenance tools do I need to clean my tank?

Use an algae scrubber to keep your tank walls free of algae. Gravel vacuums pick up debris that may have settled in the substrate. A net is also crucial for catching and moving fish before a water change.

What’s important to know about aquarium maintenance?

Aquarium maintenance has to be a regular part of your week. Watch for visible issues with your aquarium, such as algae growth or uneaten food. Also monitor temperature levels. But most importantly, regularly test pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, salinity, and alkalinity at least once a week. All of these are top killers in saltwater aquariums.