AngeLixir – Food Soak for Spongivorous Marine Fishes



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AngeLixir - Food Soak

AngeLixir Food Soak for Spongivorous Marine Fishes Description: Provide your marine fish species with nutrition and support with AngeLixir Food Soak which offers benefits to their health as well as color enhancement.
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AngeLixir - Food Soak

AngeLixir is a food soak created to meet the nutritional requirements of marine spongivorous fish species like angelfishes, butterflyfishes, and certain wrasses that feed predominantly on sponges such as angelfishes, butterflyfishes, and certain wrasses that are now eating sponges in the wild. Sponge provides essential nutrients necessary for their overall health - but replicating this requirement within a cage environment can be dauntingly difficult. AngeLixir offers an effective solution. An innovative food soak made with premium-quality ingredients designed to replicate the natural nutritional contents found in natural sponges, AngeLixir provides a balanced diet designed to promote optimal development and growth of marine fish with spongivorous feeding habits, providing essential amino acids, nutrients, minerals and microorganisms that reside within their digestive systems. Regular use of AngeLixir supports marine fish that feed on sponges by increasing immunity against stressors and illnesses, encouraging active foraging behaviors in open sea environments, while its nutrients enhance color enhancement, adding vibrancy to their already stunning beauty. AngeLixir can easily be utilized by simply immersing a food item like pellets or flakes for an appropriate duration into its solution, and then leaving them for several minutes until soaked up by AngeLixir's healthy nutrients. Once solubilized, feed them directly to marine fish that consume spongivorous diets; regular use will ensure their wellbeing in your aquarium environment. AngeLixir is an excellent solution for hobbyists and professional aquarists alike who wish to give the best care to their spongivorous sea fish. Its innovative formulation ensures these species have all of the nutrients necessary for growth while still behaving as they would in nature, so you can enjoy all of the beauty and vitality found within these marine creatures while knowing that all of their nutritional requirements have been fulfilled. AngeLixir provides your spongivorous marine fish with the nourishment they require and watches them flourish with vitality, health and beautiful colors. AngeLixir serves as a food soak solution, creating an effective connection between their natural food sources and captivity care methods - offering an all-in-one method of guaranteeing their wellbeing in your aquarium.
1 L / 33.8 f. oz., 125 ml / 4 fl. oz., 250 ml /8.5 fl. oz.
2 lbs
2 × 6.75 × 0.59 in
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