Salifert Calcium Test Kit



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The Salifert Calcium Test Kit contains 50 - 100 (typically closer to 50) tests
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Salifert Calcium Test Kit

The Salifert Calcium Test Kit is a good way to measure the calcium level in your reef tank. It is a simple test that you can do in just a few minutes, and it provides accurate results. It is important to test for calcium levels in your aquarium regularly. This is especially true if you have a reef tank, where the corals and invertebrates require calcium for growth and healing. This product comes with a syringe and reagents that are easy to use. Simply draw a small amount of water from your reef tank and put it into the test vial. When the reagent changes color, you know the calcium level is high enough for your tank. If you have coral and invertebrates in your tank, it is very important to monitor the calcium and magnesium levels. This will help you determine if it is time to change your filter or do other maintenance on your aquarium.

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It contains a phenol sulphone phthalein dye that forms a very stable blue complex specifically with free calcium, which helps to make the assay quick and easy. It is also designed to minimize any interference from other substances like lipids, proteins, and bilirubin. The Calcium Assay Kit is a simple colorimetric assay for measuring the total concentration of calcium in biological samples. It provides fast and accurate results with a sharp color change that is used in research and in scientific laboratories worldwide. This kit includes a phenol sulphone phthalein indicator dye and a phosphate buffer. The indicator dye is stabilized in a pH 7-7.5 buffer solution for several hours and does not fade with time. There are two scales in this kit to measure the alkalinity and carbonate hardness of your aquarium. The low scale is ideal for marine environments and the high scale is perfect for freshwater. The results can be compared to a color chart and you will know whether the alkalinity or carbonate hardness is too high for your tank. This is a fast and sensitive test with a high resolution that can easily be used in both saltwater and freshwater. The results are displayed on a colored chart and can be compared with other charts to get the most accurate readings possible.
By checking the calcium level, you can simply determine the level of calcium in your tank. For years, experienced reefers have recognized Salifert test Kits as providing some of the easiest-to-read findings of any test procedure. Salifert Calcium Test Kit Salifert Calcium Test Kit comprises 50 to 100 (usually more than 50) tests.
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