UltraPlanktos-Z – Amino Acid-Enhanced Zooplankton and Macroparticulate Blend for Tropical Marine Aquaria



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UltraPlanktosZ is a specially formulated combination of macro particulate and zooplankton matter packed with amino acids - providing essential nutrition to marine creatures of all kinds in your tropical marine aquarium. You'll see improved health, color and vitality with UltraPlanktosZ!
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UltraPlanktos-Z is an outstanding and nutritiously dense blend that will provide your marine aquarium's fish with essential nutrition. Contained within its formulation are macroparticulate matter and zooplankton to form an all-natural food source, benefitting an array of marine creatures. Zooplankton are tiny free-floating creatures that provide food sources to marine animals like anemones, corals that filter feed and small fish. Zooplankton contain high amounts of protein, lipids, vitamins and minerals essential to their development and wellbeing - by adding it to your aquarium it creates an environment more natural and biologically diverse than that found in nature! UltraPlanktosZ is unique among traditional zooplankton blends because of its amino acid enrichment. Amino acids form the building blocks for proteins and play an essential role in many biological processes ranging from healing tissues and immune system function, to color enhancing. By including amino acids into this supplement, UltraPlanktosZ can support increased growth, vibrant coloration and overall vitality for your marine life. No matter if your aquarium includes corals, anemones, small fish or any other invertebrates that feed through filtering systems, UltraPlanktosZ is an invaluable supplement for their wellbeing. Regular use may lead to improved feeding responses as well as greater polyp extension within corals - as well as enhanced color in fish and corals alike! UltraPlanktos-Z is best used by adhering to the dosage instructions listed on its packaging, and carefully monitoring how your fish respond. As with any supplement, monitoring aquarium inhabitants may help adjust dose if needed. UltraPlanktos Z can create a vibrant and lively tropical marine aquarium ecosystem by becoming part of your daily feeding routine. Packed with amino acid-enriched formula and carefully chosen blend of macroparticulate matter and zooplankton, this supplement serves as an all-round food source that may result in improved health, growth and color enhancement in marine animals.
2 L / 67.6 fl. oz., 20 L / 5.3 gallons, 250 ml /8.5 fl. oz., 500 ml / 17 fl. oz.
2 lbs
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