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Transform your aquarium with the EcoTech Marine Radion G5 to G6 XR30 Pro Upgrade Kit. Seamlessly upgrade to advanced lighting technology, ensuring superior illumination and a healthier aquatic environment, all while maintaining your existing setup.
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Revitalize Your Aquarium with the Radion G5 to G6 XR30 Pro Upgrade Kit

EcoTech Marine now enables aquarium enthusiasts using the Gen 5 Radion to seamlessly upgrade to the advanced Radion G6 technology without needing to replace their entire lighting system. The Radion G5 to G6 XR30 Pro Upgrade Kit specifically targets a smooth transition between these generations, integrating the latest advancements in aquarium lighting.

Seamless Upgrade Compatibility

EcoTech Marine's Radion G6 models are designed to fit the same heat sink and driver platform as the G5 XR15 or XR30, enabling an easy upgrade while keeping your current setup.

Innovative Lighting Technology

The kit includes the G6 cluster and HEI lens, creating the cutting-edge Hybrid Hemispherically Edge Illuminating (HEI2) lens system. This system delivers superior light distribution and intensity, effectively enhancing your aquatic environment.

Flexible Upgrade Options

The kit offers the flexibility to switch between Blue and Pro models, catering to diverse lighting needs and preferences. This adaptability proves especially beneficial for hobbyists aiming to customize their lighting for specific requirements or aesthetic desires.

Promoting Healthier Aquatic Environments

The G6 upgrade not only boosts the visual appeal of aquariums but also fosters healthier growth in aquatic life. The improved lighting quality and distribution mimic natural underwater conditions, crucial for the well-being of fish and corals.

Easy Installation Process

EcoTech Marine has designed the upgrade process to be straightforward and quick, focusing on user convenience and efficiency.

Commitment to Quality

The Radion G5 to G6 XR30 Pro Upgrade Kit exemplifies EcoTech Marine's dedication to delivering advanced, reliable, and user-friendly lighting solutions to the aquarium community. Overall, the Radion G5 to G6 XR30 Pro Upgrade Kit offers an efficient, cost-effective way to access the latest aquarium lighting technology. It's an excellent choice for those looking to update their lighting system, ensuring a vibrant, healthy, and visually appealing aquarium environment.


  • Lighting Type: LED
  • Number of LEDs:  50
  • Max. Light Coverage (Length): 36 in.
  • Max. Light Coverage (Width): 36 in.
  • Power Consumption: 100W
  • Control Type: Bluetooth
  • Optional Mounts: Wire Suspension, Mounting Arm
  • Color: Black
  • Power Cord: Length 13 Feet

Package Contents

  • 1x G6 XR30 Pro Lens
  • 1x G6 XR30 Pro LED Cluster
  • 10x G6 Lens Screws
  • 1x T10 Torx Bit
  • 1x T15 Torx Bit
  • 1x T20 Torx Bit
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