Radion XR30 G5 & G6 Diffuser Upgrade



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Transform your aquarium lighting with the Ecotech Marine XR30 G5/G6 Radion Diffuser. Designed for superior color blending and reduced shimmer, it's an easy-to-install, magnetic upgrade for enhanced visual appeal and healthier coral growth.
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Upgrade Your Aquarium Lighting with the Ecotech Marine Radion G5/G6 XR30 Light Diffuser

Elevate your aquarium's visual appeal and health with the Ecotech Marine Radion G5/G6 XR30 Light Diffuser, a perfect enhancement for your LED lighting system. This diffuser, specifically designed for compatibility with both G5 and G6 XR30 Radion Lights, offers a significant improvement in color blending and shadow reduction. Its effortless installation process, which takes mere minutes, is complemented by a magnetic attachment, simplifying both mounting and subsequent cleaning.

Uniform Light Distribution for Enhanced Coloration

Once installed, the XR30 Diffuser transforms your aquarium lighting, delivering a more evenly distributed light. Although there's a slight reduction in peak PAR values by approximately 20%, this is counterbalanced by a more uniform spread of light, particularly benefiting areas with lower illumination. This adjustment is particularly beneficial as most aquarium setups do not fully utilize the maximum output of their LED systems.

Advanced Spectrum Blending for Optimal Coral Health

The XR30 Diffuser excels in merging various light spectrums into a cohesive, unified source. Unlike traditional LED optics that focus on penetration and create isolated beams of light, this diffuser ensures a harmonious blend. Our extensive testing indicates that a well-distributed and blended light spectrum is more vital for coral health and growth than mere intensity.

Reduced Shimmer for Natural Lighting Effects

LED lighting is often associated with the undesirable 'disco-ball effect' or excessive shimmer. The XR30 Diffuser addresses this issue effectively, closely mimicking the gentler shimmer of natural sunlight or metal halide lighting, providing a more aesthetically pleasing and biologically beneficial environment.

Innovative Magnetic Design for Ease of Use

The latest G5/G6 diffuser incorporates integrated magnets, ensuring a tool-free, straightforward mounting process. This innovative design not only looks sleek and seamless but also makes the diffuser lens incredibly easy to clean.

Compatibility and Package Contents

*Note that the G5/G6 Diffuser requires an adapter plate and is not compatible with earlier Radion generations.
  • XR30 G5/G6 Radion Diffuser with Lens
  • XR30 G5/G6 Radion Diffuser Adapter
By choosing the Ecotech Marine Radion G5/G6 XR30 Light Diffuser, you're not just upgrading your aquarium lighting; you're investing in a product that enhances the overall health and beauty of your aquatic environment.


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