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Secure your aquarium during power outages with the Ecotech VorTech Battery Backup. Designed for Ecotech Vortech pumps, it offers up to 72 hours of reliable power, dual backup options, and is now compatible with the Ecotech Vectra Return Pump.
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Why We Strongly Recommend the VorTech Battery Backup

Power outages, while inevitable, pose a significant risk to aquariums. This is where the Ecotech VorTech Battery Backup module becomes an essential investment for aquarium enthusiasts. Particularly for those using Ecotech Vortech pumps, this backup solution excels in its simplicity and effectiveness. More than just a backup, it represents the immense value and reliability inherent in the Ecotech line's battery backup system. In aquariums, a lack of flow can quickly become fatal for fish and corals, typically within 4 to 10 hours. Acting as a robust safeguard, the VorTech Battery Backup, encased in durable aluminum, effectively protects your tank from power disruptions. Users of the VorTech Battery Backup can anticipate up to 36 hours of support for the MP40w and as much as 72 hours for the MP10 and MP20. Moreover, it now offers compatibility with the Ecotech Vectra Return Pump (booster cable required), further enhancing its versatility.

VorTech Battery Product Highlights

  • Ensures over 30 hours of backup power for VorTech Pumps.
  • Offers dual backup capability by connecting to an additional Battery Backup.
  • Comes equipped with a trickle charger for consistent readiness.
  • Package includes all essential wiring cables.

Technical Specifications

  • Boasts an 18 Amp-Hour capacity with a 12-volt sealed battery.
  • Housed in a powder-coated white aluminum casing.
  • Dimensions: Length 9", Width 7", Height 3.25" (228mm x 177mm x 82.5mm).

Additional Information

  • The Ecotech Vectra Battery Booster Cable is necessary for operating Ecotech Vectra Return Pumps.
9 × 7 × 3.25 in


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