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Experience advanced aquarium care with the Vectra M2 - Mobius Ready DC Return Pump (2000 GPH) by Ecotech. Boasting cutting-edge technology, QuietDrive for minimal noise, and versatile as both a Return and Closed Loop pump. Easily programmable via the Mobius app, it offers up to 2000 GPH adjustable flow and efficient energy usage, making it a top choice for any aquarium setup. Includes all necessary components for a seamless installation.
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Discover the Pinnacle of Return Pump Innovation

Ecotech elevates the game with their latest offering, featuring some of the most cutting-edge pump technology available. The integration of Ecotech Marine's Mobius app compatibility transforms Vectra return pumps into highly versatile and user-friendly devices. Thanks to their QuietDrive technology, these pumps operate with minimal noise, making them perfect for almost any setting. The Vectra M2 - Mobius Ready DC Return Pump (2000 GPH) stands out with its dual functionality, serving both as a standard Return pump and a Closed loop pump. In closed loop configurations, you can leverage the renowned EcoSmart modes, a hallmark of their Vortech pumps' excellence.  
  • Wireless Programming via Mobius App: Connect effortlessly to your iOS or Android device without requiring extra equipment.
  • Advanced Quiet Drive Technology
  • Enhanced Thermal Management Features
  • Simple Maintenance with Quick Disconnect Couplers
  • Versatile Use as Closed Loop or Return Pump
  • Adjustable Flow Rate up to 2000 GPH
  • Unmatched Quality, Without Compromise

The Vectra Edge with Vectra M2 - Mobius Ready DC Return Pump (2000 GPH)

Streamlined Installation Process: The Vectra Pump comes with QuickCouple components, offering easy installation, cleaning, and adjustments. Its design allows for volute rotation, accommodating various plumbing arrangements.
  • Effortless Connection
  • Rapid Setup
  • Simple Disassembly
  • PVC Compatibility
Dual Functionality: Return Pump or Closed Loop: Operate the Vectra as either a return pump or a closed-loop flow pump.
  • Two operational modes
  • Return Pump with calibration and Speed Lock
  • Closed Loop with random and pulsing modes
Flexible Placement: Inline or Submersible Designed for both internal and external use, the Vectra functions effectively as a return pump or for closed-loop flow, thanks to its sealed motor and magnetic drive.
  • Adaptable for various setups
Innovative Vectra Driver Equipped with EcoTech’s QuietDrive technology, the Vectra driver offers:
  • Choice of Return Pump or Closed Loop mode
  • Multiple operational modes, including Feed Mode
  • Reduced noise with QD Technology
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Mobius App Ready for wireless communication
Mobius App Integration Program and control your Vectra pumps via mobile device, harnessing the power and versatility of EcoTech equipment. The Mobius app delivers intuitive, quick, and easy programming.
  • Downloadable from Google Play Store and iTunes App Store
MXM Compatibility In collaboration with Neptune Systems and AquaIllumination, EcoTech Marine introduces MXM for integrated control of EcoTech and AI pumps and lights via Apex & Apex Fusion. Battery Backup Compatibility Ensure your aquarium's safety during power outages with the Battery Backup. It provides essential flow, protecting your aquatic life for hours. *(Duration varies based on factors like battery life and pump mode.) Energy Efficiency Unlike traditional AC pumps, the Vectra operates efficiently without needing a choke valve for flow control. This results in energy savings by:
  1. Eliminating the need for an overpowered pump.
  2. Avoiding wasted electricity from flow restriction."

Package Contents:

  • Vectra M2 Mobius Ready DC Pump
  • Vectra QuietDrive Driver
  • Driver Mounting Bracket
  • Power Supply
  • Input Quick Coupler
  • Output Quick Coupler
  • Driver Mounting Bracket
  • Instructional Manual


  • Max Flow: 2000 GPH
  • Max Head Height: 21.5 Feet
  • Footprint: 4.5" L x 7.5" W
  • Input Fitting*: 1.25" (31.75mm)
  • Output Fitting*: 1" (25mm)
  • Power Supply: 96W
  • Control Type: Bluetooth, Digital DC Control (Controller Included)


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